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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

One of the magical aspects about Wanderlust is how it came to be...the two of us met at a summer festival and once we became acquainted we realized we had the same visions, values and inspirations. We shared a life long dream and acknowledged quite quickly that we were meant to cross paths in order to manifest that dream together. Our love of vintage treasures, exploration and travel, and all things mystical brought us to create this beautiful space that essentially took on a life of its own. There were long days and nights along with some hard labor but with that came the wonderful journey of getting to know one another and understanding that a great sisterhood was unfolding between us. Wanderlust is an explosion of the love we have in our hearts for unique finds, community, love, honor, authenticity, peace and harmony to only name a few. You need to experience it to feel it!


Astrologer & Yoga Teacher

Cayla has been drawn to astrology from a young age and has spent much of her life opening her mind and soul to what the cosmos has to offer us in terms of self-awareness, self-understanding and self-love. Her goal is to explore your birth chart together and discover your unique cosmic design. She will help to explain the placement of your planets, the influence of your astrological positions and how to understand yourself from a new perspective.


 Cayla also began practicing yoga regularly in 2009. It unlocked a new way to ground and connect with herself. Through the challenges of being a young mom, working a ton of longs days, yoga taught her to be more present. After a few years she knew she had to immerse myself in teacher training to get the full effect of what the practice had to offer. With Astrology and yoga combined, she learned more about herself than ever before. It was time to share the wonderful ways it helped her with the world, and she began teaching in 2014.


The connections you build with your body, heart and mind are life changing and transformative. The connections you make with others is another blessing that community offers you. It is important for Cayla, as she teaches, to bring all aspects together as one but to also provide a safe and explorative environment to grow in. Cayla focuses on alignment to ensure that we keep our bodies healthy as well as linking astrological forces and breathwork to movement. By using the cosmos to connect with the flow of energy, you can truly change the way you live.

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Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Transformational Coach

As a child, Pamela remembers vividly two of her favourite pass times - arranging her bedroom furniture at least once a month and playing the role of teacher to her stuffed animals. Always a lover of nature she enjoyed climbing trees and making “potions” from the dirt and grass. She was in gymnastics, figure skating and won awards for reading the most books in elementary school.

Pamela understood from a very young age that there was much more to the naked eye. She sensed other energies and felt other’s feelings. Although not yet able to guide that knowing inside of her, she was eventually drawn to the fitness industry in her early 20’s and become a personal trainer and group fitness leader. Feeling a sense of fulfilment from this she began to dive deeper into the world of service to others.

As life experiences continued to challenge her reality she was again led to a weekend retreat where she experienced Reiki for the first time and understood that this was a piece of the puzzle. After receiving her Reiki Master certification, her life quickly changed as she began to make the shift that inevitably occurs after taking such a journey. Shortly after her son was born, Pamela went on to become a Certified Yoga Instructor and Health and Life Coach where she found even more depth to her path. With each step her love of helping others live their best life was evident. She felt this was the right fit for her, no longer resisting the call.

As the world entered trying times, Pamela was drawn to educate herself on quantum physics, reality creation and hypnosis.

After receiving the message “to create a space where people can gather” she opened a small home based studio.

She recalled that as a child, creating cozy spaces, teaching, guiding and reading were all her favorite pass times. This is how she felt she could make the world a better place. Through this process, she made new connections and joined loving communities. She honored herself and others with love. It is in this space where she was met with someone who shared the same visions and mission.

The co-creation of their dream is where she and Cayla are assisting their clients create significant changes in their lives by combining all of the modalities in a way that is uniquely tailored for them.

Pamela finds freedom in travel, Italy being her country of origin is her second home. Exploring the world, she finds answers in the adventures and finds growth with each trip. 

Pamela continues to trust the guidance she receives as she plans to create more beautiful spaces, build community and assist in the activation of healing.

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