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Meet the Artisans!

Proudly presenting the people that bring their beautiful creations to our shop! 

Best Dressed Soaps

Ella is a Waterdown resident who loves to create fun and nourishing, luxurious and funky bath products. You can catch the heavenly scents as soon as you enter our shop!

She Shed

Hand-crafted original products! Shop for unique charcuterie boards, wood items and home essentials including seasonal décor, wreaths and framed art. Designs are created by Tanya, inspired by living on Rice Lake, Ont. 

Grandma & Me Art Cards

Ruth and her 11 year old granddaughter Claire are  Waterdown residents and together they  create these gorgeous acrylic and watercolor paintings. They then turn them into beautiful notecards to give to your loved ones on special occasions...or keep for yourself!

Good Vibrations

Helen has created a beautiful line of natural Rose products made with rose petals, rose buds and rose essential oil.  She also offer some unique crystals, and a small offering of  hand crafted wooden pieces.

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The Tima Collection

Lucya's mission at The Tima Collection is to create unique, beautiful and good quality jewelry.

Her pieces are made from natural earth materials that carry on the ancient tradition of wearing jewelry for healing, protection, inspiration and  transformation. “Jewelry for Body & Soul."

My Name Is Cleo

Cleo is a local illustrator and designer.  She knew growing up that a creative career was her inevitable path.

Since graduating from Sheridan College with a degree in Illustration (2018) and a post-graduate certificate in Interactive Media Management (2019), Cleo has been fortunate to work with a variety of wonderful clients from retirement to power tools.


This collection of fun frames are created by Katia Casadei (Pamela's mom!) She loves to collect miniature structures and uses them here in these themed frames. An Italian native, her inspiration comes from her culture and landscapes of this beautiful county. 

Steven De Francesca

Toronto-based artist, Steven De Francesca, has been honing his skills in visual arts for the past several years and thus far he prefers working in a loose, fluid technique and finds inspiration in the most unexpected of places and things . When he is not creating visual art you can find him in his home studio creating music. 


Grow Your Vision

This is your opportunity to show off your talents to the community! We would love to feature your wonderful collection right here!

Click here to ask us how!

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